Fire Starter


Do you know me?

Did you clean the blood

From your daughters mouth?

So much…

Did you cover your ears

While her mother coughed


She couldn’t?

Where were you? when

The very money

We treated like a green god

turned into a diseased devil

Now only black death lingers

The air still tainted with its

Infectious scent


Did you watch people

Yes people…

Tear eachother to pieces

Over a gallon of water

Until the bottle was covered

In bloody hand prints?

Or when the Cleaners burned


Except me

They showed me

the beauty within the Flame

From the fire

Purity is born

You call my brothers


but this is our home

You dont belong here

This is our city…

We decide what remains


What Burns…

R.Marrs (RedthaRoguekiller)2016©

A poem inspired by the highly anticipated Tom Clancy’s The Division.