Connect with me…Attach to my realm. See it. Feel it. Doors with no exit, defying reality. With this pen… there are no laws, Line by line these words from Marrs…

My name is Reiko Marrs. I write short stories and poems, there is not enough room here to write just how much I enjoy doing this. So take the time to read, hopefully my words speak for themselves. Enjoy…


9 comments on “About

  1. The pleasure is mine, I hope you don’t mind the acknowledgement on my blog of my favorite (so far) of your pieces, You Eaters…I am so tantalized by your words and the way you let them flow – beautiful, truly! Keep it coming!

  2. you are in touch with the planet in a very moving way and its surface and all that move and its region. much props and dap to you doing your thing, keep rolling with it. peace and much respect

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