Love Transfusion

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She looks in the mirror and hates the thing she sees.

Her beautiful body, looked upon as if diseased.

False images of beauty flood her senses until her eyes drip with daydreams.

So she starves that thing until it and,
her love

He runs until it burns to breath.

The chase day in – day out, no reprieve.

They hunt him with hateful noise.

Whispers traveled “he likes to kiss boys”.

He keeps his truth hidden so deep inside,

That it dies with his love
smothered with lies.

She wants them to see her brain
Not the body its in.

The words slither from a devilish grin.

“Just show a little skin”.

Her hopes crushed.

Broken she bleeds potential, as her love dies.

Love should not tell us were fat.

It doesn’t care if your white or black.

Love is not male or female.

Love should not prevent, it should prevail.

When it dies… we die.

Even those of us that hate everything,
Love something.
So… love something.
Love anything.
Just give…
So love can live.

© R.Marrs~2014.


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