Red Water

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 She called with a foreign tongue, check the phone.
Right number. Butterfly wings painting my insides.

Her Death dialect spoke of good days gone. long goodbyes 
Sticky like first kisses deep chocolate.

I come for her with wings aflame. Last time I was 
too late, when you swallowed the pill bottles contents hoping
you would sleep forever.

I was so upset… when I saw  your eyes roll back, and I realized

you didn’t leave me any… so we could dream together 

Not this time. Shaking hands searching for keys, before kicking the front door
Splinters airborne wooden rain

The horror of silence. the unknown so free so blank.
My chest exhaling locomotive puffs of fear.

Bathroom door knocking, screaming, breaking.
Red water.
My heart knocking, screaming, breaking.



One comment on “Red Water

  1. oh jay-sus. This poem is off the charts–the verisimilitude you’ve brought to the poetic line is amazing. I shudder to think of what inspired this…I am sorry if you really had to see this…

    My sister was lost tragically–i didn’t discover her, thank God…

    anyway. The ‘wooden splinters of rain’ is such a unique way to say something maybe no one else ever notices…

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