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I have watched seasons change
In your eyes.
They glint like honey coated jewels,
within the ever changing hues.
I see you inside my smile.
Living medicine, my remedy in human form.
My attention is yours.
I know you.
I discover new ways to,
adore you.
You have faced my demons head on.
So brave…
When all I feel is broken,
you resurrect my will.
Cloaked in my darkness
you take the hand of a
For your fearlessness 
I love you.

 © R.Marrs~2014.


14 comments on “Brave

  1. I’m sorry it’s taken me a bit to get to your page; but I know already I’m going to enjoy myself here! Huge smiles. Belinda PS, thanks for your constant support. I appreciate you and the time you share with me.

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