Remind Me

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All they want is for me to forget.

Wet memories dry on the surface of my reality.

Contained thoughts bounce excitedly seeking exit through, my weakened subconscious.

I drift as the stars remind me why I’m leaving.

I hide my face from them hoping they don’t smell the secrets I hold.

The words untold crawling from my mouth, breaking free.

The beautiful disaster of life compressed, shaped and assigned phonetic,expression.

Defined through surface appearance, as if sight is the only sense we possess.

But still blinded and divided by false wealth and greed.

Remind me again why I breathe… Is it to live? Or to continue dying?

How can life be true? while our bodies are lying?

The truth washing over me in waves of pain and pleasure.

Remind me why this is not a lecture.

Unfold the myth of you and find the tiny truths embedded in the core, with no trickery out of my mind these words pour.

Life giving saturation for the parched Imagination           

©R.Marrs 2014.


8 comments on “Remind Me

  1. Great line, great image: “Wet memories dry on the surface of my reality.” I like the question about breathing, too. You have a lot of strong images here and ideas. And I like ideas you’re writing about.

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