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I need you…

What I wouldn’t give for one more hit.

I inhale you …

And hold you there, while clouds of opium blackness flow like your hair.

I inject you…

Until I feel you crawling in my veins, your Cocaine touch numbs as it destroys.

I swallow you…

Hoping the liquid fire burns the pain I feel into ash, in my guts.

I sniff you..

I fade away until I can hear you dancing in the valleys of my cerebral hemispheres.

I pop you..

You dissolve into my blood, screaming on the highway of my vena cavae.

I lick you…

My hair stands on end alert with your chemical flavors

I’m addicted to your toxic glow.

Your euphoric grasp killing me slow.

My advice for your next victim.

Just say no…

©R.Marrs 2014


One comment on “Toxic

  1. A very simple form here that worked perfectly for this poem. The changing from “need” to “inhale” to “inject” to “sniff” to “pop” to “lick” was a marvelous idea. And it also perhaps showed the evolution of an addict.

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