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Can you feel them?
They’re as black as a blind mans stare.
living, breathing, fully aware.
We breath the same air but, we don’t share the same care.
They hold green gods above the heads of the meek.
Plucking at our Etheric cords lulling us to sleep.
But “I am awake”… Aware of my fate.
Fighting against the inevitable, such thin ice to skate.
How long can I last?… Against what knows the future and has created the past.
Events lined parallel, like Dominoes they lay quaking with hunger greedy for play.
Waiting for the moment when the truth can no longer be ignored.
When you regret how long you’ve snored.
And out of the heavens the perfect death poured.
Those responsible dance to the sound of pain in one beautiful chord.
Time… The false luxury to expensive to afford.

“Wake the Fuck up”— ©R. Marrs 2014.


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