Phoenix Fall

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The air beneath her Wings collapses…
Plummeting, living and dying her Flames dancing about.
Ignorant to her demise, shedding hate, doubt, lies.
The illusion of what she was Burning away.
The weight of self hatred melting in the Intense heat of her rebirth.
Rise from the ashes anew.
A second chance made of gold bathed in fire.
Redemption in its purest form.
Death is only the beginning told from the end.
With each new contour, what was… is no more.
Her tortured soul illuminated deep within the ashes of the past.
All the while the future peaks brightly from the horizon.
Leaving behind a place she can no longer stay.
Rise Phoenix…rise and embrace the beauty of your brand new day.

©R. Marrs 2014.


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