Lyrical labor

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I focus my thoughts until they are crystallized matter, dripping with ether.

Words form like geodes in the womb of the great mother.

They are born upon the page.

Their mangled umbilical cords thresh violently, oozing with fresh ink.

The odor is sickening…

I regurgitate adverbs and nouns until my belly is empty.

The taste of leaded truths alchemized into golden lies in my mouth.

I taste its arid perfection against my tongue.

The darkness of my DNA scarred across the fresh white.

I bellow in delight.

A poem is born.

©R.Marrs 2014.



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Time is against us, slowly melting away.

Passions deep within stirs.

Building… Evolving…

All boundaries wither as our senses dull.

Animal instinct taking over.

The heat increases, our flesh cries tortured by the intense flames.

Building … Evolving…

All ambient sound hushed to a deafening silence.

Only the sound of us.

Our bodies dancing to the carnal rhythm  of our pulses.

Building… Evolving… Into one.

©R.Marrs 2014.

Remind Me

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All they want is for me to forget.

Wet memories dry on the surface of my reality.

Contained thoughts bounce excitedly seeking exit through, my weakened subconscious.

I drift as the stars remind me why I’m leaving.

I hide my face from them hoping they don’t smell the secrets I hold.

The words untold crawling from my mouth, breaking free.

The beautiful disaster of life compressed, shaped and assigned phonetic,expression.

Defined through surface appearance, as if sight is the only sense we possess.

But still blinded and divided by false wealth and greed.

Remind me again why I breathe… Is it to live? Or to continue dying?

How can life be true? while our bodies are lying?

The truth washing over me in waves of pain and pleasure.

Remind me why this is not a lecture.

Unfold the myth of you and find the tiny truths embedded in the core, with no trickery out of my mind these words pour.

Life giving saturation for the parched Imagination           

©R.Marrs 2014.


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I need you…

What I wouldn’t give for one more hit.

I inhale you …

And hold you there, while clouds of opium blackness flow like your hair.

I inject you…

Until I feel you crawling in my veins, your Cocaine touch numbs as it destroys.

I swallow you…

Hoping the liquid fire burns the pain I feel into ash, in my guts.

I sniff you..

I fade away until I can hear you dancing in the valleys of my cerebral hemispheres.

I pop you..

You dissolve into my blood, screaming on the highway of my vena cavae.

I lick you…

My hair stands on end alert with your chemical flavors

I’m addicted to your toxic glow.

Your euphoric grasp killing me slow.

My advice for your next victim.

Just say no…

©R.Marrs 2014


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Can you feel them?
They’re as black as a blind mans stare.
living, breathing, fully aware.
We breath the same air but, we don’t share the same care.
They hold green gods above the heads of the meek.
Plucking at our Etheric cords lulling us to sleep.
But “I am awake”… Aware of my fate.
Fighting against the inevitable, such thin ice to skate.
How long can I last?… Against what knows the future and has created the past.
Events lined parallel, like Dominoes they lay quaking with hunger greedy for play.
Waiting for the moment when the truth can no longer be ignored.
When you regret how long you’ve snored.
And out of the heavens the perfect death poured.
Those responsible dance to the sound of pain in one beautiful chord.
Time… The false luxury to expensive to afford.

“Wake the Fuck up”— ©R. Marrs 2014.


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Chaos controlled, but slowly seeping.
Grey-matter charred, constricted.
Alterations of reality weaved to perfection.
Control me, indirectly dictate my shadows fall.
Take me.
Mind, body, soul, all.
Shelter me from my sins.
Protect me with Flesh and Blood.
Open my world and tell me… enter at my own risk.

©R. Marrs 2014.


Bending… Twisting… Pulling…
Slowly I fade into unknown directions.
I spiral inward against the low vibrations of this existence.
My mind splits in contrasted mitosis, each half unrecognizable to the other.
Silently I ache… the torment sharp and cold, twisting as it whispers of agony.
My ethereal flesh stretches with profound elasticity.
My position tears towards each deviant grip.
Every Demon wanting its own desire, their black mouths salivate with the taste of my consciousness.
“Only a piece”, they moan.
Unknowingly they feast on the core of my being, choking unable to digest the raw essence.
Without expression I smile.
Bending.. Twisting… Pulling… But never breaking.

©R. Marrs 2014.

Low Light

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The room hums a perfect silence.
I watch you dream, as I mentally record the ambiance.
I place it with my collection of stolen moments.
Your face hidden in the tangle of bed sheets, so I imagine your beauty without sight.
As my eyes adjust to the low-light.
Dawn decapitates tobacco trails, slicing holes in our ebony solitude.
The tears of our pores glimmer, like broken galaxies scattered across our skin.
Your scent sets my senses aflame, a smoldering buffet of lust.
My dirty mind clouding my head.
Not a clean thought in sight, as we lay in the Low-light.

©R. Marrs 2014.